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The Queensland Government announced last Friday 30th August that Skilling Queenslanders for Work (SQW) initiative’s second funding round for 2016–17 is now open and will close at 5pm (AEST) Thursday 20 October 2016. This funding aims to support people who are under-utilised or under-employed in the labour market.

The initiative represents a significant investment of $240 million over four years to support up to 32,000 Queenslanders into work. The initiative has a range of programs that supports training from the Certificate 3 Guarantee program as well as basic education and pre-employment training.

Not-for-profit community-based organisations are invited to apply for funding under five of the initiative’s programs:

  • Community Work Skills – supporting disadvantaged job seekers as part of Certificate 3 Guarantee.
  • Work Skills Traineeships – supports tailored employment assistance and employment on community, construction and environmental projects.
  • Get Set for Work – supports Queensland residents aged 15-19 years with tailored training and support as part of Certificate 3 Guarantee.
  • Ready for Work – supports Job search and pre-employment training.
  • Youth Skills – Customised training to support young people aged 15-19 years who are engaged with Youth Justice Services or Queensland Corrective Services and? supports training as part of Certificate 3 Guarantee.

We have a comprehensive range of resources to support 74 Certificate I – III level qualifications and 68 basic education, foundation skills and pre-employment topics funded under the new Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative.

You can use our Editable Assessment Tool to contextualise any of these resources to suit your delivery requirements. Each resource is available online or in print for flexible delivery options.

Certificate 3 Guarantee qualifications we support


Business Services qualifications

BSB10115             Certificate I in Business

BSB20115             Certificate II in Business

BSB20215             Certificate II in Customer Engagement

BSB30115             Certificate III in Business

BSB30215             Certificate III in Customer Engagement

BSB30315             Certificate III in Micro Business Operations

BSB30415             Certificate III in Business Administration

BSB30715             Certificate III in Work Health and Safety

BSB30815             Certificate III in Recordkeeping

BSB30915             Certificate III in Business Administration (Education)

BSB31015             Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal)

BSB31115             Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical)

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Community Services qualifications

CHC14015            Certificate I in Active Volunteering

CHC22015            Certificate II in Community Services

CHC24015            Certificate II in Active Volunteering

CHC30113            Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

CHC30213            Certificate III in Education Support

CHC32015            Certificate III in Community Services

CHC33015            Certificate III in Individual Support

CHC34015            Certificate III in Active Volunteering

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Property Services qualifications

CPP10211            Certificate I in Cleaning Operations

CPP20611            Certificate II in Cleaning Operations

CPP31011            Certificate III in Cleaning Operations

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Financial Services qualifications

FNS10115            Certificate I in Financial Services

FNS20115            Certificate II in Financial Services

FNS30115            Certificate III in Financial Services

FNS30315            Certificate III in Accounts Administration

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Foundation Skills qualifications

FSK10113             Certificate I in Access to Vocational Pathways

FSK10213             Certificate I in Skills for Vocational Pathways

FSK20113             Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways

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Health qualifications

HLT21015             Certificate II in Medical Service First Response

HLT23215             Certificate II in Health Support Services

HLT33015             Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance

HLT33115             Certificate III in Health Services Assistance

HLT33215             Certificate III in Health Support Services

HLT37315             Certificate III in Health Administration

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Information Communication and Technology qualifications

ICT10115              Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology

ICT20115              Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology

ICT30115              Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology

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Retail Services qualifications

SIR10107              Certificate I in Retail Services

SIR10112              Certificate I in Retail Services

SIR20207              Certificate II in Retail

SIR20212              Certificate II in Retail Services

SIR20307              Certificate II in Wholesale

SIR20312              Certificate II in Retail Fast Food

SIR30207              Certificate III in Retail

SIR30212              Certificate III in Retail Operations

SIR30307              Certificate III in Wholesale

SIR30312              Certificate III in Retail Supervision

SIR30412              Certificate III in Business to Business Sales

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Tourism, Travel and Hospitality qualifications

SIT10213              Certificate I in Hospitality

SIT20112              Certificate II in Tourism

SIT20213              Certificate II in Hospitality

SIT20312              Certificate II in Kitchen Operations

SIT30112              Certificate III in Tourism

SIT30612              Certificate III in Events

SIT30713              Certificate III in Hospitality

SIT30813              Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

SIT31013              Certificate III in Catering Operations

SIT31312              Certificate III in Travel

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Transport and Logistics qualifications

TLI10410               Certificate I in Transport and Logistics (Rail Operations)

TLI11210               Certificate I in Warehousing Operations

TLI11315               Certificate I in Logistics

TLI21413               Certificate II in Stevedoring

TLI21610               Certificate II in Warehousing Operations

TLI21710               Certificate II in Road Transport Yard Operations (Freight Handler)

TLI21810               Certificate II in Logistics

TLI31310               Certificate III in International Freight Forwarding (Operator)

TLI31610               Certificate III in Warehousing Operations

TLI32410               Certificate III in Logistics

TLI33516               Certificate III in Stevedoring

TLI41810               Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations

TLI42010               Certificate IV in Logistics

TLIPC110              Certificate I in Transport and Logistics (Pathways)

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